Role of the Directorate

The Finance Directorate is responsible for financial reporting and control in the Irish Prison Service. It is also the central purchasing unit for the prison service and responsible for the management of civil compensation claims initiated against the Irish Prison Service.

The Directorate produces annual financial statements and ensures the implementation of controls and procedures in compliance with EU and National regulations.

Finance Directorate is divided into three sections:

1.    Financial Control

2.    Central Purchasing Unit

3.    Civil Claims Compensation

Procurement - Follow this link for further information on procurement procedures in the Irish Prison Service. 

Financial Reports

To view published financial reports click here

Contact Finance Directorate 

Requests for further information about any matters in relation to the Finance Directorate should be addressed to:


Finance Directorate
Irish Prison Service
IDA Business Park
Ballinalee Road
Co. Longford

Telephone: 043-3335100

Fax: 043-3335106

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.