Mission and Values

Our Mission 

Providing safe and secure custody, dignity of care and rehabilitation to prisoners for safer communities. 


Our Vision

A safer community through excellence in a prison service built on respect for human dignity. 


Our Values 

Service: We serve the public. 

Public Safety: As a key element of the criminal justice system we endeavour to make a positive contribution to public safety.

Leadership: We aspire to be positive role models and encourage others to excel.

Integrity: We act lawfully, transparently, honestly, reliably, fairly, and ethically.

Respect: We treat everyone with courtesy and respect and concern for their dignity, equality and human rights.

Principle-led: We provide the opportunity to offenders to engage in appropriate programmes and activities to improve their lives for a safer community.  We apply appropriately the principles of normalisation, personal responsibility, individualisation, non-discrimination, progression and reintegration.

Collaboration: We work together, and we form effective partnerships with other agencies so that our performance benefits from a broad range of perspectives, insights and advice.

Accountability: We are responsible to ourselves and others for our actions and decisions.

Family Life & Community: We assist offenders, where appropriate, to maintain family relations and contact with the wider community.

Courage: We do what is right, even when confronted with adversity.

Excellence: We conduct ourselves with distinction.