Mr Martin Smyth is the Director of Operations in the Irish Prison Service.

Role of the Directorate

The Operations Directorate is responsible for the management and control of the prisoner population across the institutions.  It co-ordinates sentence management of prisoners with the local management of each institution.


The Directorate reviews a prisoner’s progress on a regular basis for the duration of their sentence along with local management, therapeutic services and the Probation Service to ensure that each prisoner is held in safe, secure, humane custody; that they have access to therapeutic services to maximise their chances of rehabilitation; that the prisoner is enabled to retain positive relationships with their family and friends to enhance their prospects of re-socialisation after release from prison.


The Operations Directorate co-ordinate the transfer of prisoners between institutions, the production of prisoners before the courts, the transfer of prisoners to hospital and the temporary release of prisoners from custody where appropriate.


The Victim Liaison Officer is also based in the Operations Directorate.