Operational Support Group


Governor Frances Daly

An Operational Support Group was established by the Irish Prison Service in 2008 to support prison Governors in preventing contraband entering prisons, to prevent the direction of crime from prisons and to detect prohibited articles within prisons and are now in operations in all closed prisons except Arbour Hill and Training Unit.


Security Screening Unit

Security screening is now fully in operation for all staff and visitors entering our closed prisons (excluding Training Unit and Arbour Hill). Airport style walk through detectors and x ray scanners are installed in each closed prison.

Canine Unit (Drug Detection Dog Service)

The Canine Unit has 14 dog teams currently in use.Active search dogs are utilised in all prisons. The Canine Unit now have the resources and the ability to search buildings, grounds, exercise yards, vehicles, etc. Active dog teams are trained to find firearms, drugs and mobile phones. The intention is to further develop the canine unit by training each handler to perform a dual role function. This will greatly increase the availability of all three disciplines of dogs teams.