Irish Prison Service Code of Ethics (2021)

The Irish Prison Service introduced a new Code of Ethics for staff in December 2021.


The Irish Prison Service has a proud tradition of providing safe and secure custody and of treating all those who come into contact with the Service with dignity and respect. The Code of Ethics codifies the values which are most important to the Service as a whole given our role within the Irish justice system and the wider Irish society.

These values are:


These values guide our staff in complex, challenging situations or when difficult decisions have to be made. They also provide guidance in the standards our staff are expected to demonstrate. This Code provides some examples of ethical behaviour and standards of behaviour associated with each value.

Ultimately, this document provides clear expectations as to how all staff work together, with prisoners, with their families and with other stakeholders to create a professional and healthy working environment and reflects the professionalism and dedication that is displayed by our staff on a daily basis.


Irish Prison Service Code of Ethics 2021 FINAL DECEMBER 2021

Irish Prison Service Code of Ethics Infographic 0200945