Role of the Operations Directorate

The main responsibilities of the Directorate include prisoner progression through sentence management, the control of prisoner population numbers, maintenance of good order and discipline, the Security of the Estate and prisoner transport services.

The Directorate (and Operational Units attached to it) works closely with an Garda Síochana to ensure effective information-sharing with the aim of providing for safer communities and improved public safety.

Sentence managers within the Directorate review prisoners on a regular basis and devise sentence management plans for them. These plans are devised in consultation with local management and the various appropriate services (Probation, psychology, addiction services, education etc) with the aim of facilitating the rehabilitation of the individual prisoner and contributing to safer communities upon the prisoner’s release.

The Directorate is also responsible for oversight of the disciplinary system and for ensuring that all prisoners are detained in accordance with the law.

The Directorate co-ordinates the transfer of prisoners between prisons, the production of prisoners in court, the transfer of prisoners to hospitals and other medical facilities and decides on the Temporary Release  of prisoners from custody, where appropriate.

The Victim Liaison Officer is based in the Operations Directorate

The Director of Operations is a full member of the Parole Board and is also a Designated Public Official under the Regulation of Lobbying Act, 2015.

Section 39 Escort applications

To make an application for an escort under Section 39 of the 2007 Prison's Act, please fill in this form and email it to s39EscortRequests@irishprisons.ie