Transport Initiative for Gambian Students - January 21st, 2021

A news report from the African nation show on how the bikes have been donated to students struggling to travel long distance to school. (To view full video click Here)

Speaking at the launch, Exceutive Director of CADO Frances Mendy thanked Rotary Ireland, who co-ordinate the work on the bikes with inmates at Shelton Abbey and Loughan House open centres.

He said: “This initiative has already provided 1,440 bicyles to Gambian students across the country.

“With this resource, students can thrive in their education and also contribute to other important causes like reducing waste and saving the environment.”

For the past five years Rotary Ireland have been collecting unwanted bikes from households around Ireland and sending them to Loughan House & Shelton Abbey Open Centers for repair before shipping them to school children in Gambia to help them get to education.

Governor of Loughan House Mark Lydon told the Sunday World: “The project has given the prisoners a real sense of community and something to be proud of as they help to make a positive impact on the lives of the young people in Africa.

“Here at Loughan House we aim to offer a number of activities that will help to rehabilitate our prisoners and provide them with skills that will be useful when they are reintroduced to society, the project provides them with the expertise to become bicycle mechanic and to even gain a City and Guilds Qualification which we are confident many can use to make a better life upon their release. The guys here work really hard and with passion and this project gives them a real sense of pride, to be involved in something which is helping others is an important part of their lives, we are very grateful for the support from Rotary that these prisoners are given this opportunity.”