Covid-19 in the Prison System - November 30th, 2021

Press Statement

Covid-19 in the Prison System

30th November 2021


The Irish Prison Service is currently dealing with one active outbreak of Covid-19 in Cloverhill Prison. Outbreak Control Team (OCT) has been established and meet daily to agree and implement appropriate mitigation measures. At all points, Outbreak Control Teams are guided by advice from local Public Health clinicians and meetings with Public Health are convened at regular intervals throughout the course of each outbreak.

Unfortunately, where there is an active outbreak of Covid-19 in a prison setting physical visits are suspended and replaced with, where possible, a video visit and/or additional phone calls. The Prison Service anticipates the restoration of physical visits in Cloverhill Prison as soon as t is safe to do so. Physical visits continue to operate in all other prisons across the estate.

Cloverhill Prison

The Cloverhill Outbreak Control Team and Prison management have implemented additional infection control measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to the wider prison population.

The Cloverhill Outbreak Control Team has agreed with Public Health, HSE to proceed with the arrangements for a third round of testing for staff and a limited cohort of prisoners this week, in order to provide an assured response to the current outbreak in Cloverhill Prison. This will ensure a safe return to the prison regime as soon as possible.


The roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme has witnessed approximately 85% of the prison population vaccinated allowing for a reduction in regime restrictions in recent weeks. Vaccination clinics are continuing across the prison estate offering vaccines to unvaccinated prisoners and providing a third dose booster vaccine to vulnerable prisoners, in line with community guidance.

The total number of confirmed prisoner cases of Covid-19 associated with the current outbreak in Cloverhill Prison is currently 16.


Further information for families and friends is available here.

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