Important Notice - Suspension of All Family Visits (Professional visits remain unaffected):

  • The Irish Prison Service has announced that all physical visit to prison will cease with effect from close of business Friday 27th March 2020.
  • All future visits from prisons will be conducted using video calls.
  • Any physical family visits that have been booked to take place on or after Saturday 28th March 2020 has now been cancelled.
  • Arrangements are currently being made for the introduction of visits by video link/camera phone early next week.
  • Information on the new arrangements will be published on the Irish Prison Service website as soon as possible

Expressions of Interest – Conflict Resolution Programmes - November 17th, 2016




The Irish Prison Service (IPS) wishes to invite expressions of interest from persons and/or organisations interested in the provision of group-based conflict resolution programmes in Irish prisons.


The programmes (up to 6 per annum) should be facilitated by suitably trained and supervised facilitators (paid or voluntary) and include training of offenders to co-facilitate within prisons, in order to enable offenders to adopt new skills, attitudes and changed behaviours.  The programmes will be certified and will support and integrate with other rehabilitative support programmes


The IPS intends to draw up, from the expressions of interest received, a list of potential service providers with whom it may enter a service level agreement if / when the need for such conflict resolution programmes arises. It should be noted that, currently, the IPS is only considering short term contracts (e.g. 24 months or less) on foot of this advertisement. Potential respondents should note this is not an invitation for job applications to be submitted. If engaged, service providers will be subject to the terms and conditions of Department of Public Expenditure and Reform Circular 13/2014.


Further information is available at:


Latest date for the receipt of expressions of interest is 30th November 2016


Applications for inclusion on the list should be sent to:

Mr Fergal Black, Director

Care and Rehabilitation Directorate, Irish Prison Service

IDA Business Park, Ballinalee Road, Longford


Individuals/Organisations are requested to provide the following:

  1. Contact Person and Contact Details
  2. Description of the Individual, Company or Organisation submitting the Proposal
  3. Track record in delivery of conflict resolution programmes and evidence of positive outcomes from such programmes
  4. Details of the Proposed Programmes – content, duration, accreditation
  5. Provide a copy of the manual which will be used to guide facilitators (this will not be disclosed by the IPS to third parties)
  6. Qualifications, relevant experience of the personnel who will deliver the programme
  7. Arrangements for co-ordination, training, supervision and quality assurance of the programmes to be delivered
  8. Proposed arrangements to monitor and evaluate programme outcomes
  9. Testimonies from past participants
  10. Proposed cost (overall and/or per programme delivered) showing a breakdown for salaries, training admin overheads etc.


  1. Assessment of Proposals


All proposals received will be assessed by the Care and Rehabilitation Directorate on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender taking account of the quality of the proposal and the overall cost of delivery.


The provisions of Circular 13/2014 will apply – see link to the circular


A Service Level Agreement will be provided to selected individuals/organisations which will include, inter alia:

  • Funding terms and conditions
  • Expected outputs
  • Drawdown of funding
  • Reporting arrangements
  • Oversight of the programmes by the IPS
  • Engagement with prison management
  • Compliance assurances e.g. provision of annual audited accounts, retention of accounting records, statement of assurance, tax clearance certificates