Corporate Governance

The Irish Prison Service have updated its Governance Framework and supporting operating model (June 2022).

During the course of 2021 the Irish Prison Service undertook a review the Governance Framework in place since April 2016 with a view to aligning and updating it with the revised and updated Code of Governance for State Bodies of 2016.

The review took in to account lessons learned from decision making processes in place throughout the ongoing management of Covid-19 which supported the successful implementation of controls to manage the spread of infection throughout the prison estate. The work involved a desk based review of existing decision making forums across the Service. This included the Strategy Planning Group; the Executive Management Team; the ICT Governance Group; the ICT Planning Group; the Capital Strategy Oversight Group; the Risk Committee and 164 other committees listed as in existence across the Prison Service.

The outcome of the work takes in to account developments in respect of the revised operating model of the Department of Justice under its various pillars, and revised oversight and reporting requirements

The updated Governance Framework which is supported by a revised Operating Model aims to provide for the application of best practice based on the principles of good governance, accountability, transparency, probity with a focus on the consistent and sustainable success of the Irish Prison Service as it plans for its future and over the longer term.

The terms of reference for all other forums have been subsumed in under the revised Operating Model forums. It is intended to publish the terms of reference for the forums of the Operating Model once formally agreed and adopted by their respective members.

IPS Governance Framework 2022 final

Operating Model Overview 2022 final