Integrated Sentence Management

The Integrated Sentence Management (ISM) system was developed to ensure co-ordination of interactions with prisoners based on agreed sentence plans.

As part of ISM, prisoners take a greater personal responsibility for their own development through active engagement with services in the prisons. ISM involves initial assessment, goal setting and periodic review to measure progress.

Under ISM, a newly committed prisoner with a sentence of one year or greater is assessed by an ISM Co-ordinator. A personal plan for the prisoner to complete during his/her time in prison is then drawn up. The plan is reviewed regularly between the ISM Co-ordinator and the prisoner, with written reports feeding in from the relevant services and agencies.

Approximately one year prior to release, the ISM Co-ordinator meets the prisoner to establish his/her needs on release and a plan is put in place to assist his/her re-integration into the community.