Prisoner Complaints

All prisoners have the right to make a complaint at any time and all complaints are treated with the utmost seriousness. Complaints can vary in nature. Some may relate to, for example, conditions of accommodation, quality of food or access to services. Other complaints can be more serious such as allegations of assault, mistreatment or intimidation.

Under the Irish Prison Service Complaints System there are 6 categories of complaints depending on the seriousness of the complaint. The most serious being Category A Complaints which are investigated by persons outside the Prison Service. Complaints can be made to any staff member either verbally or in writing. Complaints form are available at the complaint boxes throughout the prison.

If a prisoner has difficulty writing then a staff member will help them to complete the form.

If a prisoner is not happy with the outcome of a complaint they have the right to appeal and have the complaint considered by a more senior officer. If the complaint is a Category A complaint and they are not happy with the outcome of the investigation, the prisoner may write to the Inspector of Prisons and the Director General of the Irish Prison Service stating why they are not satisfied.

The full complaints policy and complaint form are available below:

For information on the Prisoner Complaints Policy you may contact the Operations Directorate of the Irish Prison Service at:

Tel: 043 3335100

Or write to:

Operations Directorate,
Irish Prison Service,
Ballinalee Road,