Requesting a visit – Shelton Abbey

Visit Restrictions

Contingency for reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19


Please be advised that in consideration of Public Health advices the following further restriction is to be introduced across the Prisons Estate from Wednesday 25 March, 2020  namely –  All visits to prisoners are to be restricted to one adult per visit.

The other previously announced restrictions in relation to social distancing etc., remain in place.

The measures documented below are necessary to reduce risk of the virus to visitors, prisoners, prisoners’ families, staff and the wider community.

The Irish Prison Service, in line with the National Public Health Emergency Team (“NPHET”) and Government recommendations, and in the interests of the public health and the health and safety of our prisoners in our care, deems it appropriate and essential to introduce a programme of reduced access of visitors to the prison. These are pre-emptive measures to contain and decrease the likelihood of a potential spread of COVID-19 into the prison.

The following measures in respect of visitors to prisoners are being implemented otherwise advised:

  1. Visits will be restricted to 1 visit per prisoner per week.
  2. A limit of 1 adults per visit will apply.
  3. No under 18s will be admitted.
  4. Normal social distancing as advised by public health to apply including:
    • no kissing
    • no handshaking
    • sneezing and coughing into elbow sleeve
    • all visits conducted at a distance of 1 meter
  5. Visits will be time limited to 15 minutes per visit.
  6. Prisons will operate to a daily maximum of 80% of their visiting capacity.
  7. Visitors that appear to have flu like symptoms should be refused entry.

The Irish Prison Service continue to monitor the situation closely and act in line with Government and NPHET recommendations.

We recognise that such a step may be challenging for families and friends, but we are also cognizant of our priority and responsibility to protect the well-being of those in our care and those in our employment within the prison. The virus can be spread through community transmission and, within the confines of a prison, there is obviously an increased risk of a rapid spread of infection.

The Irish Prison Service are appealing that that members of the public carefully consider visiting the prison and refrain from visiting the Prisons unless absolutely necessary

Please check our website for updates.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


To visit a prisoner in Shleton Abbey contact:

Shelton Abbey – Tel. 0402 42300


Co. Wicklow

Visiting times – Saturday Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays – 11am to 3:30pm .

 Special visits may be booked for midweek by application to the Governor.