Self Harm In Irish Prisons 2019 Report - April 13th, 2021

Self Harm in Irish Prisons 2019

Self Harm in Irish Prisons 2019: Third Report from the Self Harm Assessment and Data Analysis (SADA) Project presents the full findings of the third year of the SADA Project for the year of 2019.

This forms part of the work of the National Suicide and Harm Prevention Steering Group (NSHPG) and is supported by the multi-disciplinary teams across the prison estate who play a pivotal role in analysing the incidence and profile of self harm in prisons. This projects uniquely collects information on the level of medical severity and suicidal intent for each episode of self harm and examines patterns of repeat self harm (both fatal and non fatal). This data continues to inform policy and practice development  in order to enhance the treatment and management of individuals in custody who pose a risk of self harm and suicide and to protect individuals in our care.

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