Updated How to Guide for Making Family Video Calls - April 28th, 2020

To help you access a family video visit we have developed a “How to Guide” to explain the process more clearly. We have also created some “troubleshooting” documents for those of you who have Samsung devices and those that have Huawei devices as these can cause difficulties. Those using iPhones should be able to connect by clicking the link in the email that you will receive.

It is important that you read the “How to Guide” and also the troubleshooting guide as this may help prevent any difficulties when you go to connect. If using a Samsung or Huawei device you MUST ensure Chrome is set as your default browser. The troubleshooting guides will tell you how to do that.  The video below will also help explain what to do.

How To Guide for Family Video Link 28 April 2020

SAMSUNG Trouble Shoot 27 April 2020

Huawei Trouble Shoot 27 April 2020