Important Notice - Suspension of All Family Visits (Professional visits remain unaffected):

  • The Irish Prison Service has announced that all physical visit to prison will cease with effect from close of business Friday 27th March 2020.
  • All future visits from prisons will be conducted using video calls.
  • Any physical family visits that have been booked to take place on or after Saturday 28th March 2020 has now been cancelled.
  • Arrangements are currently being made for the introduction of visits by video link/camera phone early next week.
  • Information on the new arrangements will be published on the Irish Prison Service website as soon as possible

Victim Liaison Service

The Irish Prison Service is conscious of the harmful, potentially devastating, consequences of crime on victims. The Service acknowledges that the impact of crime on victims varies in nature and force and the Service seeks to take account of their experiences and needs. Where victims make their views known to the Service, they are always taken into account when making sentence management decisions, such as granting temporary release. While it is appropriate that the sensitivities and concerns of victims of crime should be carefully considered, other sometimes conflicting factors, such as the rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into the community, must also be considered and a balance struck.

When victims of crime request, the Prison Service Victim Liaison Officer will enter into direct contact with them to inform them of any significant development in the management of the perpetrator’s sentence as well as any impending release. Such significant developments could include temporary releases, parole board hearings, prison transfers, expected release dates, etc.

The Victim Liaison Officer will also provide victims with general information on the prison system such as the prison regime, remission on sentences and our system of parole, including the operation of the Parole Board.

It is important to note that this is a voluntary service and only those who choose to will receive the relevant information.

The Irish Prison Service victim liaison service is a strictly confidential service

How to apply

If you wish to avail of the Irish Prison Service Victim Liaison Service, the contact details are as follows:


Victim Liaison Officer
Irish Prison Service Headquarters
IDA Business Park
Ballinalee Road

Telephone: 043 33 35100


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