What to expect when visiting a prison

What to expect when visiting a prison?

All visitors can expect to be treated in a professional and courteous manner on arrival at the prison. Visitor will be directed to the prison reception in the visiting centre in the first instance. Visitor centres provide tea/coffee, toilet facilities, a play area for children and television.

Security Screening Area

In order to prevent the flow of contraband into the prison all visitors must pass through the Security Screening Area before being granted access to the prison. Airport style x-ray security scanners and metal detectors are used to screen all bags and personal belongings. Visitors may also be searched by staff using the hand held wand or by random pat down.

 To see a video of our security screening process click the following link.

Visitors may also be screened by the passive drug detection dogs prior to being granted entry. Should the drug detection dog give an indication that the visitor has come into contact with drugs then a screened visit may be offered.

Visiting Room

When the visitor has passed through the security screening area they may then proceed to the visiting room where they will be directed by to the relevant booth.

Requesting a Visit

For details on requesting a family visit click here.

For details on requesting a professional visit click here.