Care and Rehabilitation

Prisoner care and rehabilitation is a core aim of the Irish Prison Service. The Service tries to achieve a balanced approach in the effective performance of its care and custody functions. It seeks to manage sentences in a way which encourages and supports prisoners in their efforts to live law abiding and purposeful lives on release.

Prisoner care and rehabilitation involves input by a diverse range of general and specialist services provided by the Irish Prison Service and in-reaching statutory and non-statutory services. An Integrated Sentence Management (ISM) system has been developed to ensure co-ordination of interactions with prisoners based on agreed sentence plans.

Among the various services that are provided by the Irish Prison Service are the education, library, work training, psychology and spiritual services.  The prison healthcare service provides prisoners with access to the same range and quality of healthcare services as that available under the Medical Card scheme in the community.

Care and Rehabilitation Services provided are:


Dr Emma Regan

Director of Care & Rehabilitation