Lodging Money to Prisoner Account (for use in the Tuckshop)

Lodging Money to Prisoner’s Accounts (for use in the tuckshop) 


The Irish Prison Service has two services to allow you to lodge money to a prisoner account for use in the prison tuckshop.

  1.    You may lodge money directly to the account using your mobile banking or banking app on your smart phone.
  2.    You can use An Post BillPay in person at the Post Office.
  3.    This bank account should not be used for any other purpose than that stated i.e. lodging money to a Prisoner Account for Use in the Tuckshop.

Your relative in prison must nominate you as the relevant person providing your name and address in order for you to receive the An Post BillPay Card


For details on how to use these services click on the following links which will give you the necessary details. Please follow the instructions carefully and remember when lodging money via mobile banking please include the “PIMS” number or prisoner identification number in the reference field or your money will have to be returned.


  1.   Lodge by electronic funds transfer: Making an Electronic Money Transfer to Prisoner Account
  2.   In Person at Post Office: Using An Post BillPay Cards


For Queries on Prisoner Payments Please Email  prisonerpayments@irishprisons.ie

Please note that many prisons no longer accept Postal Orders so the above methods are the best options to lodge funds to a prisoner account.


Information is collected on a consensual basis as part of this process. The information will be used solely for the purpose provided i.e. processing or returning payments through the online banking system. It will be retained in line with standard retention policies of the Irish Prison Service (i.e. 7 years) and will be deleted after that period.