Visiting Terms and Conditions

The Process


When visiting a Prison, you will be required to pass the security screening process which will include some or all of the following:

  • X Ray machine
  • Walk through metal detector
  • Narcotic / explosive swab detection
  • Canine screening
  • Pat down search

Should you fail any part of the screening process, a pat down search will then be conducted. Prior to commencing a pat down search, the officer will activate their body worn camera, to record visual and audio footage at that time.

Please note the onus is on the visitor to pass all aspects of the screening process.

Should staff feel it necessary at any point during the screening process, they will also activate the body worn camera for incidents such as threatening and abusive behavior


In order to assist with the screening process:

  • Please do not bring any personal belongings or items with you (place all such items in the lockers provided in the waiting room)
  • You should only have your photo I.D and locker key on your person when proceeding to the screening area
  • Be mindful of the clothing you wear. Clothing with high volume of metal is likely to activate the walk through metal detector & this may lead to restrictions on the type of visit offered or even cancellation of a visit
  • Please familiarise yourself with the information and instructional video available on the screen in the waiting room prior to entering the prison.

Prisoner Property

All private/personal property delivered to the prison on behalf of individual prisoners is done so entirely at the prisoner’s own risk. Neither the Governor nor the Irish Prison Service will accept liability for any such property lost, damaged or stolen whilst in transit, in delivery in storage, or in the possession of the prisoner. The Irish Prison Service can accept prisoner property at prison entrances, during family visits to the prison or by post.

The following table outlines a list of authorised items that can be delivered to a prison on behalf of individual prisoners:

Denim Jeans Blue only Flip Flops For shower use only
Trousers Light coloured only Jumpers
Shirts No light blue Sweat Shirts
T-shirts – round neck Shorts For gym use only
T-Shirts – collared Underwear
Tracksuits Light coloured only Socks
Jacket – overcoat For winter use Footwear Shoes- trainers (soft toe only)
Belt Limited buckle size Photos and pictures
Jewellery – neck chains Limited Wedding ring or plain ring Limited
Musical instruments Limited- one per prisoner  

The following items are prohibited and will not be accepted by the Irish Prison Service:

  • Any clothing that resemble staff uniform items
  • No hooded tops
  • No steel toe-cap footwear
  • Limited belt buckle size
  • No ties, braces, sunglasses, hats, caps.
  • No clothing with offensive logos (sexist, racial. drug, gang related) etc.
  • Large rings
  • Long or heavy neck chains
  • Only one musical instrument is permitted per prisoner
  • Toiletries – can be purchased via prison tuck shop
  • No radios – in cell radios are in place
  • Batteries
  • Reading materials – these are provided by the library service in the prison

It is important to note that all items of private/personal property are subject to Governors permission. Different prisons have differing policies in relation to items a prisoner can have in their cell. This is a matter decided by the Governor of each prison taking into account the security environment in each prison. All items received into the prison will be subject to the necessary security screening.

If you have been approached or put under pressure to smuggle contraband into a prison, please inform an officer or make contact using the confidential phone line (1800 855 717)

All such instances will be treated in the strictest of confidence.