Monthly Information Note

The Irish Prison Service Monthly Information Note is intended as an overview of the Irish Prison Service as of the end of each month. Included in this document are:

  • Committal figures
  • Year to date breakdown of committals and releases
  • Monthly breakdown and yearly comparison of committals and releases
  • Numbers in custody comparison
  • Average prisoner population in custody figures
  • Temporary release figures
  • Remand and trial figures
  • Comprehensive analysis of the prisoner population as of the last day of the calendar month
  • Non Irish Nationals figures

Remand/Trial prisoners

The Irish Prison Service is continually looking for ways to improve the statistical information we provide on our website. We are now in a position to provide information on prisoners who are in custody solely on a remand/trial warrant and the length of time these persons have spent in custody. This information will be included in the monthly information note from October onwards. An example of the table that will be included is in the attached link here.

The table will differ from the remand figure published in the daily numbers as the information focuses solely on those held on a remand/trial warrant and does not include prisoners who were/are held on a sentence warrant but also have a remand warrant which becomes active once the sentence warrant expires.

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Prison Population Census Reports 2015

Q1. Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation Jan 2015 Census of Restricted Regimes Jany 2015 
Q2.  Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation April 2015 Census of Restricted Regimes April 2015 
Q3. Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation July 2015  Census of Restricted Regimes July 2015
Q4.  Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation October 2015  Census of Restricted Regimes October 2015

Prison Population Census Reports 2014

Q1. Census of Restricted Regimes January 2014 Cell Occupancy and In-cell Sanitation Jan 2014
Q2. Census of Cell Occupancy and In-cell Sanitation April 2014 Census of Restricted Regimes April 2014
Q3.  Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation July 2014 Census of Restricted Regimes July 2014
Q4.  Census of Cell occupancy and In-cell Sanitation Oct 2014 Census of Restricted Regimes Oct 2014

Prison Population Census Reports 2013

Q3. Census of Restricted Regime July 2013
Q4.  Census of Restricted Regime October 2013

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