Visit a Prison

Visit a Prison

  • The Irish Prison Service will ensure that Prisoners who request a visit will receive at least one physical family or virtual visit per week of not more than 30 minutes for physical visits & 20 minutes for virtual visits.
  • Physical visits will be limited to a maximum of 3 adult visitors. There is no limit on the number of children who can accompany them but must be within reason and admittance of same is at the discretion of the prison management.
  • Children may only attend if accompanied by at least 1 adult 


Visit entitlements per week/month

Prisoners will be entitled to receive any of the following options:

  • At least 1 visit per week which may be physical or virtual



  • Photo ID is required for all adults.


Cash and prisoner property

There will be no money accepted from visitors on visits. Visitors should continue to use the electronic means of sending money. In addition, there will be no exchange of prisoner property on visits. We will continue to keep this under review.

We hope that you and your visitors have an enjoyable visit and we are grateful for your continued support as we try to reduce the restrictions while keeping you all safe.

The operation and frequency of visits will be kept under ongoing review guided both by HSE, Public Health advice and a desire to support as much contact as possible between prisoners and their families.


What can you bring into a prison

The Irish Prison Service has created a Family Information Booklet to inform you about recent and future changes made in relation to day-to-day activities in our prisons and the impact they have and will have on friends or relatives of yours in our care. As you know, all our lives have changed dramatically over recent months because of the spread of Covid-19. We have experienced the challenges of adhering to the Government restrictions and public health advice over this time. In Section two, Physical Visits in the Family Information Booklet you find information on what you cannot bring into prison.