Prison Service Escort Corp

The Prison Service Escorts Corps (PSEC) was established in 2005, on an independent basis within the Irish Prison Service, to provide a prisoner escorting service. PSEC is sub divided into three regional areas, Munster, Connaught and Leinster. Ulster is incorporated into Connaught and Leinster.

PSEC is a dedicated corps of staff whose task is, to escort prisoners to and from court and to other scheduled and necessary engagements in the community. ie. Hospital Appointments. The profile of the unit includes 58 cellular vehicles of varying capacity which enables the corps to securely transport prisoners of all security categories throughout the State . The staff also man the dock in courts throughout the country and specialise in providing a highly efficient service as a support to prison operations.

Prison Escort Service Group Vehicle

Prison Escort Service Group Vehicle

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Irish Prison Service Escort Corps