Treatment of Sex Offenders

In 2009 the Sex Offender Management Policy: 'Reducing Re-offending, Enhancing Public Safety’ was published. The policy is aimed at bringing about changes in offenders' lives that reduce the risk of re-offending and enhance public protection.  It forms an integral part of the wider range of interventions by criminal justice and community-based agencies.  


The Building Better Lives (BBL) sex offender programme commenced in 2009. It uses a strengths-based psychology approach and comprises three components: 


  • the Exploring Better Lives (EBL) programme, 
  • the Practising Better Lives (PPL) programme and 
  • the Maintaining Better Lives (MBL) programme.  


The EBL group aims to develop motivation and confidence about positive change. The PBL group focuses on obtaining a more detailed understanding of past offending and developing positive offence-free self management plans for the future. The MBL group aims to support ongoing progress and development for men who are serving longer sentences in prison and to ensure a through-care plan from prison to community-based supports. 


Since its inception in January 2009 to the end of February 2012, 226 offenders have been assessed by the Psychology Service for participation in the programme and 112 offenders participated. 


The programme is delivered in Arbour Hill by a team of psychologists, including clinical and counselling psychologists, who have developed specific expertise in clinical practice including assessment and therapeutic work with men convicted of sexual offences. 


Prison-based therapeutic interventions with convicted sex offenders also include one-to-one interventions, interventions by approved in-reach services and interventions available to prisoners generally.